16 Hair Makeovers That May Inspire You To Change Up Your Style


Your hair not only exists as a protective layer for your head. It’s also there to be messed around and experimented with. From shaving it, to dyeing it in a crazy color to just cutting it short, the list of things you can and probably want to do with your hair is endless, at least that’s what we think.
Of course, a lot of people like to stay on the safe side and just keep their hair the way it is normally, which is fine, but you may change your mind about experimenting with your hair after checking out these 16 makeovers, as compiled by Providr.

1. From a luscious mane to a pixie cut

16 Hair Makeovers That May Inspire You To Change Up Your Style 1

2. Just a significant chop for a fresher look

16 Hair Makeovers That May Inspire You To Change Up Your Style 2

3. Cut, dyed and bangs all in one


4. From blonde locks to a messy short look


5. Curly hair is difficult to maintain which is why this girl chopped off a big amount.

And, she looks amazing.4

6. Bald is not common with women

However, some of them can pull off the look better than most guys, as demonstrated.


7. The short hair look just screams ‘confidence’ to us


8. A pixie cut may be too extreme for some

A medium cut is a safer bet and you still retain most of the look before the cut.


9. Bleaching and dying leads to some damage

To get it back to its original healthy ways, the best way is to cut it and start over. Fabulous.


10. A proper case of “New hair, same me”


11. Your hair just looks healthier when you get rid of (some of) the length


12. Proof that even not cutting that much of her hair can still give you a very different look


13. A cut and a color switch


14. Chopped but the green ombre is still there


15. Layers and waves give new dimension to your look


16. From long and curly to short and straight


Which one of these transformations was your favorite? Did they inspire you to change your hair up a little bit? Let us know in the comments!


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