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Hair Tricks Of The Week


Should we make this hair tutorial week? Because we have another video for you, and this time it’s hairstyles of the week. After we posted the Hairstyle Tutorials Compilation For 2016/2017, we couldn’t stop that easily.

The Youtube channel Hairstyle Trick is a true gem when it comes to hair inspiration, whether you’re thinking about trying a suggestion, or you’rejust  simply watching. Do you ever get tired of watching hair tutorials? We don’t!

Would you be brave enough to go for that lavender color on 2:40? Or is green more your thing? And if you’re still not brave enough for *colors*, maybe you will find your style in something like 6:21?

Click play and enjoy what Hairstyle Trick has prepared for us.

Which one was your favorite? Which one would you try? Make sure to share your impressions with us in the comment section. We’ll be in front of the mirror, figuring all this out.

Source:HairStyle Trick

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