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This Woman’s Haircut Transformation Took 7 Hours To Complete


It’s completely true that a haircut can completely change your look and give you that boost of confidence and self-esteem.

This woman, needed a big change for her wedding day that was coming soon. So she walked into a hair salon and the challenge the stylist had, was not easy at all. At the end everything was worth it.

When Holly was once told that pretty women had long hair, she took the comment to heart and grew her hair to her hips.


Source: Instagram | @jeremyhartfield

The hairstylist Jeremy Harfield at Avant Garde Salon, decided to first start his job by cutting off her long locks.


Source: Instagram | @jeremyhartfield

Once he chopped her hair off, he wenton  to dye her hair and revitalize the dull color.


Source: Instagram | @jeremyhartfield

After four shades of color, Holly was looking so fresh and more comfortable in her own skin.


Source: Instagram | @jeremyhartfield

This transformation took the stylist seven hours to complete the look, starting at 7 p.m and ending at 2 in the morning.


Source: Instagram | @jeremyhartfield

She is ready for her wedding day now and looks years younger.


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