Haircuts And Music Genres 101

Haircuts And Music Genres 101


Being an avid music listener, I take pride in knowing all and any genre and music decade. And each of them had their own aesthetics closely tied to it. It’s really interesting to witness how music shaped several subcultures and movements throughout the last century and still does to this very day.
Some of the best-dressed people in the business are musicians and they are a major inspiration in every way to their fans.
I like to look at people in the subway or sitting around in a café and think what kind of music they might listen to. It’s just a guessing game I play with myself. Time well spent, I assure you! Many lolz were had!
Take a look at this list of haircuts and my wild guess on the respective bands these people might have listened to as kids, as well as their respective tastes!

1. This dude right here just might have head-banged to the Deftones’ smash hit Back To School. Probably skipped classes! Or might have been sent back home with that haircut.


2. Is that Ke$ha?

3. I am pretty sure this person has Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois album times two. One of them is in mint condition.

4. This girl right here! Definitely was a temp over at 4AD Records around 1988.

5. This dude totally does arcade games opening credits music for a living.

6. Alanis Morisette fan?

7. This guy’s favorite number: The Prodigy’s Their Law. Probably had quoted the lyrics in his yearbook.

8. He probably had a poster of Jean – Jacques Perrey on his wall back in the 80s.

9. I am inclined to say this guy might listen to Migos these days. Alone in his car.

10. Two options over here: either he ended up playing double bass in wedding and Bat Mitzvah cover bands or is part of a band playing surf music.

11. No doubt in my mind that she thought Beyonce’s Lemonade was not a good follow-up to her self-titled album.

12. This guy is that guy buying rounds for everyone present when Travis Scott’s Antidote comes on.

13. This girl and girl number 11 both eat organic, earn more than 100k per year and listen to Bey together!

14. Probably voted Trump.

15. Hums Sex and the City theme song while contouring.

16. Probably thought Jessica Simpson did a decent job covering Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walking!

17. Likes Katy Perry.

18. Thinks Beastie Boys are the greatest thing to have happened to music.

19. Probably makes fire beats. Might have toured with Jay Z.


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