15 Easy Hairstyles To Erase Your Social Life In A Minute Tutorial

15 Easy Hairstyles To Erase Your Social Life In A Minute Tutorial


Have you ever had a hairstyle destroy your life and all your social prospects? OF course, that is, if you really do care about how you look.

Bored Panda compiled a list of hairstyles, and their respective owners, who were made to be that way on purpose. Beware, since once some things are seen, they cannot be unseen!

Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere.

1. The Last Supper Haircut

That night’s supper will indeed be his last with whoever is that important in his life.


2. Strawberry Hairstyle

I hope his girlfriend is allergic to strawberries.



3. Hair Band

In the truest sense of the word.


4. Lisa Simpson Devotee

I wonder if he plays the sax.


5. Barcode Hairstyle

He would’ve been better buying a toupee.


7. Makeup Brush

Maybe he told the barber: “I want to look brash!”, but the barber’s hairdryer was on at the time…



7. I wonder who is the milliner?



8. This has a lot of edge to it. A lot.


9. This is actually art. But I wonder, how does he sleep in this ‘do?  I wonder if all these people sign some kind of agreement with the barber that they won’t sue later?


10. Maybe this guy wanted to look something similar to Drake, but they took it too far.


11. The Two For One Combo

The combo to overshadow all combos. Maybe those pair of hands are protecting her from the haters… I dunno. Maybe they are giving massages. I wish the latter would be the case. Imagine your own pair of hands coming out of your hair every time you think: “My God, my back is killing me!”


12. It’s just an illusion. You totally thought that that was a face in the very first second you threw a glance at the hairstyle! Admit it! Right?


13. This guy knows pretty well that life is about the journey, not about the destination. Life is what you make of it. Life is yours to live. Be gone, haters!


14. Now, I know that I played those games when I was a little girl, and that was 15 years ago, but is this a hero from Street Fighters or Tekken? Or maybe Pokemon? Dragonball Z?


15. Bill Gates should give this guy a job. I know that he would live for his company.



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