Hairstyling Session Turns Into A Deeply Felt Connection And Humbleness

Hairstyling Session Turns Into A Deeply Felt Connection And Humbleness


Whitesburg, Kentucky denizen, hairstylist Ashley Bolling had a slo-mo enlightening and an internal ‘Aha!’ moment during a hairstyling session.

Ashley works over at the Captivate Salon & Spa. A local nurse had a lengthy session scheduled and she had just finished her night-shift when she sat down for the cut-and-color session.


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

The nurse was offered a chair to rest her feet on since the procedure was to last four hours.

A few minutes later, the nurse took down her guard, and probably exhausted, gave in to sleep.


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

Her feet were propped up on the chair, hands between her legs, with her cellphone in her lap.

Ashley threw a glance at her and overwhelming feelings of humbleness took over. Her glance fell on the nurse’s shoes.


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

She took to her Facebook page to write a rather personal and lengthy essay on what she felt seeing the nurse in such a vulnerable position.

“I wondered how many miles those shoes have walked.”


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

“I wondered what they’d walked through. Blood? Tears? In & out of the countless rooms of the patient’s (sic) she’s cared for? I wondered how many hours they’ve carried her, and all those like her, while they literally save the lives of those we love and hold the hands of the ones who can no longer fight that fight.”


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

Connecting to someone in their utmost joy is easy, but connecting with someone in humility, sorrow, humbleness is a complicated feat.

Ashley has a heart and mind wide open to be sensitive to people’s personal issues and suffering.


Source:Facebook / Ashley Bolling

It seems like the post touched a nerve in others, and they flocked to her post to share their thoughts as well.

“Beautiful recognition of what most be 1 of the toughest and yet can be joyful profession all too often they are overlooked. I cannot say enough for the job they do” wrote Mary Loughlin.

It really, makes you think, doesn’t it?


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