Half Updo Hairstyles Looks For The Romantic Inside You

Half Updo Hairstyles For The Romantic Inside You


Loepsie is YouTube channel hosted by Lucy, a 23-year-old girl from the Netherlands, specializing in everyday looks, makeup tips and DIY  treatments .

In this tutorial she will be taking us through the steps required to do half-updo hairstyles.

We are going to work with a slightly curly hair as a base.


Part your hair at the crown area. Tie it into a ponytail. Create a bun with it. Fasten it with some bobby pins and tug it out a little bit to make it a bit messy looking.

looks 1


Take a medium chunk of hair right of your parting and start braiding it towards the ear. Do the exact same thing with a chunk of hair left of your parting. Make two more below the existing ones on each side.

looks 2

Now take your braids together with the crown portion of your hair and tie them into a ponytail. Next, braid the entire ponytail. Make sure to leave a little bit of tail at the bottom. Tug the braid out a little bit.

looks 3


Take the crown section of your hair. Make sure to leave two medium sized strands of hair in the front, on each side of the parting. Tie the ponytail with an elastic band. Take the side strands and wrap them around the ponytail, as to hide the elastic band. Fasten them with bobby pins. Do the same with two more little strands from each of the sides.

looks 4


Separate a little section from the top of your head. Clip it and leave it as is for now. Make two more of these sections on each side. You are going to French braid the section on your right. You want to make sure that you are braiding upwards and diagonally since we are aiming to meet that point on top where our crown hair strand is fastened.

Repeat the same procedure with the left section of your hair. Once you’re finished, braid the middle part. When you have all three of your braids, join them together on the top of your head.

looks 5


Grab a section of hair in the back. Back comb it just a little bit. Then, gather it and pin it down with two bobby pins. Separate the left section from your parting into two strands, and start wrapping them one with the other towards the bun, as in a twist. Do the same with the right strand. Once you’re done, tie all of them together with an elastic band.

looks 6


Take all of the upper section of your hair, pull it back and start braiding a simple braid. Tie it with an elastic band and start tugging at the sides to make it look larger.

looks 7

Once your braid is done, wrap it into a bun. Pin it down with bobby pins.

looks 8


Start dutch braiding a little bit of hair from the left side of your parting. The root of the braid starts from the parting itself. You are going to braid towards your ear. Somewhere mid-process you are going to tie the strand with an elastic band. Do the same thing on the other side. Now tug them out to make them look big and fluffy.

Take both of the braids and cross them over right in the back.

looks 9

Hide your ends underneath the braids themselves. Refer to the video to see how to do that. Pin them down. You also want to pin down the braids in the back where they meet. Hold them down and gently tug the hair on your crown part.

looks 10

There it is!


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