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Halloween Fan Was Almost Blinded After Suffering An Allergic Reaction To Makeup


Little do we know what life can bring us in less than 24 hours, and it’s not always good news. 25-year-old Emma Jane Duffy dressed up as a clown for the Halloween party in 2016, but within hours, she was rushed to the hospital. Emma Jane was experiencing an intense scratching pain and swelling of her eyes, which almost left her blinded.


She described the pain as ‘razor blades cutting her eyeballs’, for the Daily Mail.


Her eyes were fused shut as gold glitter scratched her corneas, leaving her needing glasses for life.


It all started with Halloween being the Scot’s favorite holiday since forever.


The customer relations advisor decided to rock a scary clown costume with gold glitter eyes and black makeup on her eyes and mouth.


She didn’t expect what followed within just a few hours. At the party, she started feeling uncomfortable and itchy.


She said: ‘My left eye felt irritated so I dabbed it with a wet paper towel. I just thought a bit of glitter had fallen in my eye, so would eventually work its way out.’

But later on, at 3am, as she was waiting for her taxi, her eye had completely closed up.


After she went home, she removed all of the makeup and applied cream to soothe the painful area.

She added: ‘It felt like a piece of glass was in my eye – I was in terrible pain. I did an eye bath to clean them out, but it didn’t help. Minutes later, the sensation worsened. It felt like I had razor blades cutting across my eyeball. It was the most horrendous scratching pain.’

Unable to open her eyes in the morning, she was scared to death. The event left her temporarily blinded. Her boyfriend, Steven Stewart, rushed her to the hospital.


She added: ‘I couldn’t see a thing so Steven had to dress me and give me sunglasses to wear to protect my eyes from the light. As we drove to the hospital, I was terrified I would never see again.’


After arriving at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, Ms. Duffy was rushed to an eye doctor.


‘The doctor told me to read out the letters on the wall. I literally had to pry my eyes open with my fingers, but I could only see blurry colors in front of me. The doctor then pulled back my eyelids and administered lemon drops inside. I screamed out in pain it was so bad. It felt like a brick was hitting my eyes.’

Within five minutes, her eyes went numb and the doctor asked her to take the eye test again. Ms. Duffy missed all the letters and started crying.


The doctor put yellow dye into her eyes.

She said: ‘She was shocked when she had a closer look in my eyes. She told me, ‘I’m not surprised you can’t see, there’s superficial scratches all over your corneas. The doctor told me I’d suffered an allergic reaction, most likely from the Halloween makeup.’


For this lady, Halloween became her worst nightmare. After visiting opticians, they told her that her eyes were badly damaged and made very sensitive to light. The next week, she started wearing glasses, but still suffered from hazy vision and sensitivity to light. For nearly two months Ms. Duffy took eye drops and painkillers every day.

Now, she is urging others to take care when using cheap makeup products.

Ms. Duffy said: ‘At first I thought a bit of glitter had fallen in my eye which was causing it to itch, but soon I realized something more sinister was happening. The pain of the allergic reaction is something I’d never want to experience again. It was horrific.’

She goes on: ‘Today I want to warn others to take care when wearing cheap products when dressing up for Halloween. I’m just glad I didn’t lose my sight.’

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Source: dailymail

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