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Quick Reminder: Don’t Wear A Halloween Costume Of Someone’s Culture This Year


Here comes Halloween…Here comes Halloween. And if you are dressing up tonight there are important things you should be careful of before you put on your costume. The most important one? Be aware of cultural appropriation. Very often this conversation is held after everything is over and it’s too late to do anything about it. So, you should definitely consider that somebody’s culture does not make for an acceptable costume.

In the last years the term “cultural appropriation” has been tossed and fortunately, people are learning the idea that wearing a costume from a different culture can often be inappropriate.


You can always find a Halloween costume that is kind of offensive. Even if the people wearing it didn’t mean it that way. A lot of celebrities have done this in the past and that doesn’t make it OK, it just highlights the bigger issue.



Source: Twitter | @muslimgirl

So, keep in mind: Don’t mock someone’s culture for Halloween.


Source: Twitter | @clclyne

If you are not completely sure about what is allowed and what not, here are some examples.



Source: Instagram | @tyleramato

Please avoid: dreadlocks, a kimono, sugar skulls, hijab, blackface, headdresses or “tribal wear.” This is a small list so it shouldn’t be a big deal.



Source: Instagram | @sbelkacemi

Think twice before buying your costume because then it might be too late. What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know!

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