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Halloween Costumes Inspired by Snapchat Filters


Halloween is around the corner and everybody is getting crazy with cool and awesome ideas. So much fun, right? Well not for everyone. It is so hard to chose what you actually feel comfortable in. Hm, what feels more comfortable than the filters we use everyday on Snapchat? Nothing. Below you have some Snapchat inspired ideas you will fall in love with. Take a look and enjoy!

Butterfly Babe

This beautiful butterfly look has it’s luminous highlighting, radiant eye makeup and fluttery lashes, it’s a surprisingly wearable look. It is Snapchat’s favorite, every girl seems to love it.


Rainbow Vomit

The face vomiting a rainbow. If you show up to a Halloween party wearing it, you’re guaranteed to impress literally everyone there.


Adorable Dog

The “dog filter” is the most famous one. It was there first and we definitely use it the most. The Snapchat filter craze has now made it into the fashion world.


Purple Galaxy

If you’re looking for a glamorous Halloween look, look no further than this gorgeous galaxy makeup. Dreamy!


Evil Bunny

Well not every filter is cute, especially the crazy rabbit. To be fair, this one starts out all adorable and cuddly the way bunnies tend to be, but we all know what happens when you open your mouth while this filter is turned on: A monster!


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