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14 Spooky Halloween-Inspired Nail Art Ideas


You have chosen a costume for Halloween and you decided on the makeup, but there is one detail you mustn’t forget! Your nails! There are hundreds of examples on the Internet of Halloween-themed nail art. And the great thing is, you don’t have to use them just on the one night. They look amazing with whatever you choose to wear. And what’s more, they are super easy to do – you don’t have to be an artist to create these simple designs. Besides, in true Halloween spirit, the gorier and messier your nails look, the better!

Here we have 14 brilliant Halloween inspired nail designs, as compiled by PopSugar.

1. Candy Corn

One of Halloween’s most popular tradition is the candy corn. Why not make your nails look like it with this technique known as ombré. Start with a white base coat. Then, put some white, orange, and yellow polish on a sponge and gently apply it on the nail. It is possible that you will have to repeat this step two or three times. Add a topcoat to seal it.

2. Pumpkin Polka Dots

Use the Halloween palette of black, white, and orange to create this amazing polka-dot design. First apply the base colour and add the dots with a dotting tool. If you don’t have one, you can get creative and use the end of a pen.

3. Blood Splatter

This one is on the messy side, but it looks great! Use white polish for your base coat. Cut a plastic straw in half. Get a paint palette, magazine cover, or jar lid, and and pour a bit of red nail polish on it. Cover the end of one side of the straw in red, and blow into the straw while aiming towards your nail. That’s how you can get the blood splatter effect. Be careful not to suck in the polish!

Blog post up about my Halloween look 🎃💉 #bloodsplatnails #halloweennails #bblogger

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4. Watchful Eyes

You need a black base coat for this one and a dotting tool. Use the tool with white polish to draw the whites of the eyes. After it dries, repeat the procedure with black polish to create smaller dots inside the white ones. A matte topcoat was used for the design on this picture.

5. Fleshy Ombré

This design uses the same technique as the first one. Use beige polish as base. Dab the red layers on top with a sponge and finish with a top coat. So chic and gory!

Is this a neutral gradient or a fleshy and bloody gradient? I can’t decide. I used two @julepmaven colors. ‘Florence’ and ‘Coco’

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6. Pixie Dust Pumpkin

Here we have another idea for using ombré. You can get a much different result with the same technique if you use a nail polish with a texture. This design is an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Texture gradient 🎃 Halloween edition @zoyanailpolish Dahlia + Dhara 🕸

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7. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost

This one starts with a white base coat. Then use the dotting tool to add the details, and apply a glow-in-the-dark top coat. How cute is that?

Bad quality for the dark pic but oh whale 🐳😂 #glowinthedarknails

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8. Red to Black

This nail art is as stylish as it is simple. Use red polish as base, and black on the sponge. For a more flashy look you can decorate with some small gems.

9. Friendly Ghosts

Maybe a ghost isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘adorable’ and yet they are – just look at those nails! The base coat is white, do the dots with black, and for the triangle shapes you can use a small brush or toothpick.

10. Stitched-Up French

Add a twist on the regular French manicure! Use a clear or beige base coat. Paint the tips orange and then add the details with a toothpick or small brush. Don’t bother about making it perfect – the stitches are supposed to look roughly drawn.

11. Cuticle Care

I would say that this is the goriest nail art we have to show you, but I’d be lying. What you need for this one is an unsteady hand. And love for gore, of course. Use a combination of light and dark red and apply them with a brush or sponge while going outside of the cuticle. Repeat until you achieve the desired result.

12. Fingerprints

This is another incredible idea for slightly gory nail art: paint your fingerprints on your nails in blood! Just kidding, it’s red polish. Use a white base coat. Then put some red polish onto your finger, press it onto a paper to remove the excess, and then apply the fingerprint onto your nail. Finish with a top coat.

13. Stars at Night

For this beautiful design you need to start by applying a black base coat. After it’s dry, add a sparkle polish. Using whichever tool you prefer, draw some dots, stars, and a moon. These nails look spooky and Halloween-y but not so much that you can’t wear them to work every day.

14. Gory Galore

Here we are at last: the goriest of the gory! With these nails straight from a horror movie you can scare anyone who crosses your path. It’s not as hard as it looks, but it does need a bit of work. Get some cheap fake nails – you don’t want to end up cutting your own nails. Stick them on and then cut them up in the craziest ways you can imagine. Use a sponge to dab some dark and light red polish both on your real and your fake nail and over the cuticle line. For gorier effect, use some fake blood to make it look more realistic. For even gorier look, add a red polish base before sticking the fake nails. That way you can create layers of gory cuts. Scary!

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