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Hand-Painted Leopard Print Cake


A leopard can’t change its spots…eh?

Contrary to what the old proverb says, a leopard actually can change its spots! Did you know that scientists have proven that there is a direct link between the spots on a cat’s fur and their habitat?

According to a study done at Bristol University, predators who live in dense habitats (areas with lots of trees and plants) where light is scarce, are more likely to develop spots than the ones living in areas with lots of natural light – that’s why leopards have spots and lions, for example, do not!

Wicked, right?

Leopards also communicate with their cubs by changing the color of their spots on their ears and tails, and with this leopard-inspired cake you will also be able to communicate some love to your family and friends.


Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs is “A place to learn and create”, so check out the video and surprise your loved ones with a hand-painted leopard print cake!

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Watch here.

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