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Thirty Bizarre But Extremely Handy Hacks And Tricks


It’s not how it looks, it’s what it can do. These thirty hacks might seem a little weird, but they will prove incredibly handy in your everyday life. The common denominator for all of them is that they are so simple, it’s difficult to see them. But once you know, you will be grateful!

1. You were probably pouring juice the wrong way all your life

Instead of having the spout closest to the glass, flip the carton over and make sure it’s on top for a smooth pour.



2. If you don’t own an iron

Use a heated pot but make sure to pit foil between the pot and the shirt for protection.


Source: Reddit | notyouravrgd

3. Tired of all those bags of frozen peas and carrots tumbling out of the freezer

Use heavy duty paper clips and take advantage of the rack in your freezer to create extra room.


Source: Reddit | Roxanne712

4. “Prevent a locked-down work PC from sleeping,” wrote one Reddit user. The moving hand on the watch will always trigger the mouse

Verycoldsoup had the best comment for this tip: “The computer goes to sleep after 5 minutes… Not on my watch.”


Source: Reddit | Ham_Damnit

5. “One time I tried putting an avocado in a beer koozie and it was ripe the next day. Been doing it ever since,” wrote cesarkuriyama


Source: Imgur | cesarkuriyama

6. Imgur user markmyw0rds has a handy trick to find the puncture in your tire

“If you are losing air in your tire, but can’t find a nail/screw/hole: fill your tire full of air, take off your tire and get some dish soap and water. Bubbles will develop where ever there is a leak.”


Source: Imgur | markmyw0rds

7. Use a sponge to get an ice pack that doesn’t leak everywhere when it begins to melt

Soak the sponge with water and put it in the ziplock bag. This way, the pack won’t be as lumpy, either.



8. Determining how much life is left in a battery

Full ones are more likely to not fall down when dropped on a surface.


9. Gatorade caps will fit perfectly on gallon jugs bottles


Source: Reddit | ThatFredditor

10. Concealing belongings nearby

Such nifty false binders not only look smart, but you can put things behind them.


Source: Facebook | Sheila Pulanco Russell

11. “A contact lens case is a great travel container for moisturizer and cream,” wrote Hsintoot


Source: Reddit | Hsintoot

12. Are you sick and tired of the annoyingly loud ads that play at gas stations?

Apparently, all you have to do is press button on the right to make it stop.


Source: Reddit | Bi00hazzard

13. For a more convincing smile in your selfies, squint your eyes a bit

The expression in your eyes is what gives the tone of a smile, not less than the mouth. Curved lips and indifferent eyes will give out a cold expression.


Source: Imgur | Nothingaboutnothing

14. Use a bread clip to secure the bottom of your flip flops as the hole begins to tear


Source: Reddit | skahl000

15. A stove grate makes a surprisingly sturdy cooling rack for hot dishes


Source: Reddit | josuenmercado

16. When you need more beats at a get-together, plop that phone into a bowl or pot to amplify the speakers



17. To avoid a mess when making pancakes pour the batter into a cleaned-out ketchup bottle to pour it perfectly onto the pan



18. Getting a splinter out of your skin

Put a dab of school glue over the splinter, let it dry, and slowly peel it away. That splinter will pop right out.



19. To eradicate the scent of a smelly pair of shoes, leave them in the freezer overnight- the cold will kill the odor-causing bacteria


Source:The Chances

20. To avoid burning your hand as you try to angle the lighter and the candle, use a dry piece spaghetti


Source: Reddit | hopperr

21. “Wrap a wet paper towel around your beverage and put it in the freezer. In about 15 minutes it will be almost completely ice cold,” nomnomnetwork advises


Source: Imgur | nomnomnetwork

22. Doritos work really well fire starter (kindling)

Now you have an excuse to bring enormous amounts of Doritos on your camping trip


Source:Life Cheating

23.  Instead of ravaging a cob by using our teeth, there is an easier way which wastes less: the “fold over” method

Using the pressure of your thumb, you can pop out a whole row of kernels easily!


Source: Twitter | @alovesun

24. Add a black outline to white lettering for more professional presentations


Source: Imgur | ikane

25. Sticky notes are perfect to remove dust and crumbs from your keyboard


Source: Reddit | ABorealis

26. Lip balm containers are great for stashing money


Source: Reddit | roperac

27. Use a carabiner to get everything done in one round instead of having to go back down a bunch of stairs


Source: Reddit | Hannahalysmarie

28. Poke a hole in the bottom of your egg for easy-to-peel boiled eggs

Push a thumbtack just far enough into the egg to pierce the shell before boiling.



29. If you place a coin on a frozen cup of water before evacuating because of a storm, you’ll know when you get back if everything in your freezer melted and refroze


Source: Facebook | Sheila Pulanco Russell

30. If you always wanted to whistle without using your fingers, you can learn in this video. Perfect for sports games!

Source: Angelo Palermo

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