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This Is How Hannah Montana’s TV Boyfriends Look Now


When I was younger, Disney channel shows were basically my life because they were so good. If you need to get your mind refreshed let me name some: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s So Raven and of course Hannah Montana.

Oh dear God, Hannah Montana was a hilarious show about a girl living a double life. During the day she would be Miley and by night she would be performing at the stadium.  She was constantly in trouble and would hilariously get out of it. But aside from her crazy antics, she always had some boy trouble. And, oh young love!

She had some memorable boyfriends and I bet you’re curious to see how they look now.

Cody Linley as Jake Ryan

Cody was one of her most memorable boyfriends. I’m more than sure that everyone was rooting for these two, especially me. Do you remember the time he bought a star for her?



Well the 27-year-old American singer and actor now looks pretty much the same. Cody teaches acting to young aspiring actors and his last role was in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens in 2016.


Source: Instagram | @codylinley

AWW! They were probably the cutest Disney couple.



Lucas Till as Travis Brody

In Hannah Montana: The Movie, this country fellow won Hannah’s heart. He was the sweet boy who treated her right. I only wish he was featured on the show too.



Lucas Till now stars in the MacGyver TV series and also in X-Men: Apocalypse. He is still rocking the long hair too.5

Source: Instagram | @lucastill

Drew Roy as Jesse

But no Disney Show is complete unless the main character has a “bad boy” boyfriend. Well, Jesse is that one character. He knew Miley’s secret and kept it that way. Wow, these guys are loyal.


Source:Hannah Montana Wiki

Drew Roy is acting still and appeared in iCarly too where he plays a bad boy named Griffin. Damn, he looked familiar. He still does small roles and the latest one was in Timeless. He is married and his wife recently had a baby. So cute!


Source: Instagram | @drew_roy

Mark Hapka as Austin Rain

The young country rocker that had a duet with Hannah. Their publicists made them fake date but they hated each other, a lot. I am so glad they didn’t get into a relationship because I didn’t like them together. Bite him, Hannah!


Source:Just Jared Jr

Mark Hapka is still acting to this day and played Nathan Horton in Days of Our Lives. In his Instagram bio he wrote that he is a “self-proclaimed semi-pro iPhone photographer.”


Source: Twitter | @MarkHapka

It is safe to say that she had some pretty interesting boyfriends. Right Hanna?



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