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What Happened To The Cast Of Twilight After The Saga Ended?


It has been long five years since the five-part saga Twilight ended, and we were left basically breathless. The 2008 American fantasy film based on Stephanie Meyer’s novel conquered our hearts with its first part, and everything that came next only deepened our obsession. We saw the beautiful on-screen coupling of Edward Cullen, and the teenage girl Bella Swan, go through a major transformation while battling evil vampires.

When the saga ended with the second part of the Breaking Dawn adaptation in 2012, we couldn’t stop wondering what was next for our favorite actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and the others.

Here is what they are up to now.


1. Robert Pattinson

Robert blew up in the media when Twilight began. Girls fell madly in love with the character as well as the actor. He was basically the sexiest vampire!


Source: IMDb

What about now?

Robert took a much-needed two-year break after the last movie. Since then, he’s been back on-screen, in several not-so-popular films. He was recently in Good Time, acting as a bank robber.


Source: IMDb

2. Kristen Stewart

She was probably your favorite awkward human in the movie. We really got to know Kristen Stewart during her Twilight years, and since then she is all over the silver screen.


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You can catch Kristen on Netflix in Personal Shopper, in which she portrays a personal shopper in Paris, who contacts her deceased brother.


Source: IMDb

3. Taylor Lautner

Remember Jacob? He was many’s favorite hero, but still second to Edward.


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Taylor is looking great nowadays. You may have seen him recently in Netflix’s Cuckoo, or maybe in Fox’s Scream Queens.


Source: Instagram | @taylorlautner

4. Cam Gigandet

In case you’ve forgotten, Cam played James, one of the bad guys. He also went on with his acting career after the saga ended.


Source: IMDb

This father-of-three plays Jake Green in Ice, a show about a diamond dealer navigating the world of the diamond business. Intriguing!


Source: Instagram | @cam_a_lama

5. Anna Kendrick

You probably even forgot she was in the Twilight series!


Source: IMDb

Kendrick is all over the romantic comedies, in case you haven’t noticed! She’s starred in the Pitch Perfect series as Beca and the Trolls franchise as the voice of Poppy!


Source: Instagram | @annakendrick47

6. Nikki Reed

Nikki played Rosalie, a member of the Cullen clan.


Source: IMDb

She’s continued to act here and there, but one of her “roles” was the most noticeable. She managed to snag Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder to be her husband!


Source: Instagram | @iamnikkireed

Did you have fun finding out about your favorite Twilight heroes?


Here are some more of your Twilight actors in their current lives.

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