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What Happens When You Apply 100 Coats Of Makeup


This girl isn’t messing around, while she may not have come up with the concept of 100 layers, but she definitely cultivated it into a much darker monster than other stalwarts of the craze. Meet Jenna Marbles who does not do things by half only by 100.

Simply Nailogical first took up a commenter’s challenge to apply 100 layers of nail polish, and so #Polishmountain and the beast was born.

Then there was Jenna Marbles who laughed in the face of 100 layers and thought she’d go 6 better and do 100 layer of foundation, 100 layers of lipstick, 100 layers of nail polish, 100 layers of spray tan, 100 layers of hair spray and 100 layers of fake eye lashes (100 pairs -50 each).

She pleads with you to pray for her skin, as she undertakes this car crash experiment to bring this horror show to us!

Watch the video here it may be long, but you can’t take your eyes off it!



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