This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Go Without Deodorant For A YEAR


Sure. We all use deodorant. Probably it’s a regular part of your daily routine as well. Sometimes we even say we can’t live without it? But it’s not true. We definitely can live without deodorant. And it’s not as stinky as you might think.

YouTuber Elyse Brautigam, 22 years old, claims she has gone without deodorant since October 2015 and she is not planning to go back.


Source:Via Mirror

And that’s not all. She stopped shaving her underarm hair and as she says she does not smell at all. This is even more interesting because the blogger is a fitness fanatic based in Hawaii. She regularly works up a sweat so it’s fair to say Elyse has given wearing no deodorant a difficult test.

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