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These Happy Accidents Just Feel Right


Life is not perfect, and accidents can happen like, a lot. Of course, most of the time, they are awful but sometimes they’re super cool too. So when things go wrong but in return go very right, that’s a blessing that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Down below, you have some happy accidents that feel so right.

1. Iconic Mom

She sent pictures of herself instead of the car. Yeah, we see it is an auto insurance claim and she should’ve known but this moment is just priceless.

Source: Twitter | @mirandaasantos

2. Twinning

A moment of two worlds colliding, matching outfits. Who wore it best, though?

Source: Reddit | crazinem

3. A true fork in the road

I would take it as a sign, where will this life take me?

Source: Reddit | betacomplex

4. “Styling pasta.”

The styling paste that is misspelled as “styling pasta.” But then again, who doesn’t have pasta on the brain all the time?

Source: Reddit | Alexadventures

5. Noodles

They go with everything, TV binges, lunch-time cravings and… HAIR.


6. Wafer-less Kit Kat 

Wafers come and go, but chocolate is forever.

Source: Reddit | SwankyRavioli

7. Chicken nugget shaped like a heart

I didn’t know how chicken nuggets felt about me until now, and I am amazed.

Source: Reddit | P0ib

8. It feels right

There’s nothing better in life than knowing that the love is mutual.


9. Extra bacon

Bacon is really exciting but that’s a crazy amount of extra.

Source: Reddit | Teleportingcarl

10. Lowkey sexy fryer action

It all makes sense, who doesn’t want $70 worth of extra bacon?


11. Drugstore trolling employee

I hope that people laughed at this and didn’t try to follow the instructions.

Source: Reddit | FartStainsAreBad
From: diply

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