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Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Harley Quinn

Yes, okay, everyone’s going to be Harley Quinn tonight, we get it. But what if everyone thinks *everyone* will be Harley Quinn, and then no one decides to be Harley Quinn? Then, is it possible that you’re the only one that could be Harley Quinn?

That’s a lot of times to use ‘Harley Quinn’ in a paragraph, but nevermind, we have THE video tutorial here! You know, in case you still haven’t decided  your costume, and you are still in awe about Margot Robbie’s depiction of her, like we are. Chloé  Boucher does an excellent job here, transforming herself into many people’s favorite character from Suicide Squad.

So get your makeup ready, and let’s be honest, you’ve probably ordered the “Property Of The Joker” jacket from eBay, find your childhool baseball bat, and let’s get started.

After all, we all have a little Harley inside, right?

Source:Chloe Boucher

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