See Harmony Dust's And Her Daughter's Proposal On Video

Remember Chris Grillo’s Adorable Proposal to Harmony Dust’s Daughter? They Are Now Celebrating Two Years of Marriage!


Two year’s ago Chris Grillo proposed to Harmony Dust, but before it could be official he also had to propose his step-father duties to Harmony’s daughter.

Harmony Dust left the sex industry to become an activist and advocate for women who were still working in the industry. She has worked tirelessly to train, educate and support the women who feel unable to leave. Her book, ‘Scars and Stilettos: The transformation of an exotic dancer’, was her personal memoir which recounts the story of how she started working, how she felt trapped and essentially how she got out. Now her mission is to help other women do the same.

Since the book was published in 2009, it doesn’t include her beautiful love story with Chris Grillo. Here we have the video that’s been making the rounds for two years now, and you can see why it’s is still so popular.

Grillo attempts to calm the force that is Dust’s daughter to make a proposal. She’s all kinds of energy as she runs giddily round the garden.

“Hey, come here! I have a very important thing to ask you!”

He gets down on one knee, takes her arm into his, and says: “Would you like to be my stepdaughter?”

Once he’s given enough time to express himself she squeals in delight and goes running a  bit more.

harmony 1

She throws herself into his embrace. “Stepdad!!!”
They both fall down on the ground hugging and laughing. We can see Harmony laughing from behind the camera, saying “Awww…”
This guy right here! He wins the husband-to-be, stepdad-to-be award of the year!

harmony 2

Then he asks of his future stepdaughter: “Do you wanna know why”

“Why?” says the girl.
“Because I asked your momma to marry me last night,” says the man.
Now, this is where the girl triples her excitement and screams and it’s so damn adorable! She is basically running around them the whole time as she is yelling “I can’t help it”

harmony 3

She is one energetic little Jiminy Cricket!
Next, we see Harmony getting in the shot as she passes her camera to her future husband.


She takes her child into her arms and says: ”I have a very important question for you!”
“Will you be my flower girl?”


“YES!” screams the girl!
Oh, boy I wish I had the right to attend that wedding when it took place! That little girl must have been one hell of a flower bearer.
She shows her daughter the ring, and they both come in the frame with future hubby and dad to hug him! Their daughter has one final request. For them all to have more cats and dogs!

harmony 4

I say let the girl have it.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here, or just watch it again for old times sake. We wish these two a very happy anniversary.


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