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Harrison Ford Is Doing Halloween Like a Boss

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For all the people who love dressing up Halloween can’t come soon enough. And Harrison Ford is proof you’re never too old or too famous to put on a silly costume and go out in public. When he is not busy producing the next big movie or acting in blockbusters himself, he is most certainly strolling through costume rentals in search of another epic outfit.

Harrison Ford, 75, who stars in the recently released Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to the 35 year-old science fiction classic Blade Runner, has appeared in some of the most iconic Halloween costumes throughout the years, turning everyone’s heads.

These include: a drunk nun, a huge peapod, an 80’s rock star and what seems to be a college professor with a very smart and accomplished wife. BoredPanda made a comp with some of his costumes through the years.


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How do you even come up with this idea? Maybe he looked in the mirror one day and said: “You know what, you will make the perfect peapod. Let’s go buy all the green material we can find.”


He is definitely raising awareness about the importance of eating veggies. Hey, if it’s good enough for Han Solo, it’s good enough for kids.

Good guy Harrison.


Here he looks like the biggest Lakers fan who produces his own rap music in the garage in his spare time. One day you will be listening to his mix tape, it will be dope. His wife, Calista Flockhart, decided to go as a post-apocalyptic doctor. She looks like some of her experiments went awry.


Dressing up as a nun wasn’t really satisfactory for Harrison Ford. Everyone does that, it’s nothing special or original. So he decided to make her addicted to booze. Sure, man.


His wife went dressed up as Miss Piggy .


How cool is Harrison Ford when he is dressed up as a rock star from the 80’s. Where is his guitar though?


Glad they didn’t go for the face paint.


Maybe Harrison Ford was watching A Beautiful Mind the previous day? You can draw inspiration from anywhere.


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If you need ideas for Halloween, you can find some pop-culture inspired costumes here.

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