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A Harry Potter Fan Gets A Marriage Proposal At Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters


If you are a Harry Potter fan in love, can you imagine a better place for a marriage proposal than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? The Orlando, Florida theme park is a true paradise for Rowling-aficionados, having opened its Diagon Alley brick wall back in 2014 for anyone wanting to experience Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, ride a Hippogriff or try to escape from the Gringotts underground.

McKinley had just finished a Harry Potter-backdropped scavenger hunt and was posing for pictures with some friends in front of the Hogwarts Express. What she did not know is that the hunt was set up by her boyfriend Justin Van Dusen who had been away on military duty.

As the photo was being taken, a man in a white shirt, bow tie, and suspenders reached over and held McKinley’s arm. She tried to continue posing for the camera, then realizes she had no choice but to turn and look at whoever was holding her arm. At that moment, all she could do is rear back and scream “Oh my God!”

proposal 1

The surprises weren’t over and done with, as Justin then proceeded to get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend right in front of the train with the most coveted seats in the world.

proposal 2

“I am in the Military and McKinley didn’t realize I was home, I flew home home without her knowing,” Justin wrote online. “I set up a scavenger hunt inside the theme park with Harry Potter clues. The last clue brought her and her sister in front of the train, and that’s when I walked up behind her and surprised her with popping the question.”

“She said yes.”


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