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These Eleven Haunted Objects Are Real And They Will Creep You Right Out


Have you ever heard of haunted objects? They are those items that look seemingly normal but have some dark and creepy history behind them, and as a result, are left with a permanent dark and creepy mark that anyone who touches them can be considered a lunatic. Of course, this is just a myth and something you tend to see an awful lot in movies and other popular media, but what if I told you that there are a few items scattered around the world that people actually believe are haunted? Yeah, gives you some food for thought, doesn’t it?

If you’re not planning on sleeping tonight, here are 12 of the most haunted objects in the world. Let me just turn out the lights, flip on a flashlight and point it at my face from the chin area and kick this off.

1. Anna Baker’s wedding dress

This one is more sad than scary, but it’s still disturbing at best. Anna Baker fell in love with an iron worker at the factory that her dad, rich iron magnate Ellis Baker worked at, to the point where she went out to have a wedding dress commissioned.

Her dad found out and locked her in her room, not allowing her to marry into the lower classes. In her room she sat alone and heartbroken, until she inevitably died in 1914. In the 70s, when the Baker museum was opened, the dress was put on display, and people who have seen the exhibition have noticed strange things happening, most notably the fact that the dress sometimes actually dances, slowly and tenderly.

These Haunted Objects Are Real And They Will Creep You Right Out 2

2. The Anguished Man

A name given to a rather chilling painting owned by an English man called Sean Robinson. He found the painting in his grandmother’s basement when he was young, and pretty soon he started watching it for hours until he became obsessed with it. When his grandmother died and he took it to his home and spooky stuff began to happen.

Doors would shut on their own, and other such paranormal events were noticed by Sean and his wife. When Sean did some research, he found out that the artist made the piece of art shortly before committing suicide, and he apparently mixed his own blood into the paint.

These Haunted Objects Are Real And They Will Creep You Right Out 3

3. The Busby Chair

The name comes from Thomas Busby, who in 1702 was executed after strangling his father-in-law for sitting in his chair.

Since then, anyone who sat in this chair (63 people in total) died from mysterious circumstances. It got so bad that when the chair was eventually given to the Thirsk Museum by the pub where it originally was placed, they hung it from the ceiling to prevent anyone from accidentally or intentionally sitting in it. Messed up stuff…


4. The Woman from Lemb Statue

According to legend, this statue was uncovered in 1878, and is believed to have been carved in 3500BC. No one knows what the statue represents for sure, but most people believe that it’s some ancient goddess. A really bad ancient goddess.

At first, the statue was possessed by a Lord. He and his 6 family members died over the next six years for unknown reason. Ivor Manucci purchased the statue from the last remaining family member, and within 4 years, his whole family died of mysterious deaths. Finally, it was donated to the Royal Scottish Museum, where the man who handled the statue died within the year.


5. James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder

James Dean loved his 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, even going as far to nickname it his “Little Bastard”, and rightfully so. Sir Alec Guiness saw the car, and he told Dean that he could feel the evil coming from the car and that Dean would be dead in a week. Sure enough, a week later, Dean had his fatal accident and died at just 24 years old.

After the crash, the wreck crushed one of the mechanic’s legs, and then when the car was sold to two racers, one of them lost control and hit a tree, while the other was injured when it flipped after locking up.

A thief who tried to steal parts from the wreck ended up fatally wounded, after which the car was donated to the California Highway Patrol, and caught fire for the first and the second time, the wreck fell on a student breaking his hip and also mysteriously left a truck driver crushed to death.


6. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

This item, located in Louisiana is definitely no stranger to paranormal activities. It’s one of the most famous haunted places in the US and it has inspired a ton of horror films.

Legend  has it that the mirror is haunted by Sara Woodruff and her kids, all of them dead. The mirrors weren’t covered at the time of her death, so it’s believed Sara and her kids found a new home in the mirror dimension.


7. The Dybbuk Box

A popular object in Jewish tradition meant to contain an evil spirit. This one started its life as a wine cabinet but then things went downhill. It supposedly belonged to a 103 year old Jewish woman who had survived the holocaust and summoned a deadly spirit whom she trapped inside the box.

The man who bought it tried to give it away but no one would take it, as it gave him dreams about an old hag, so he gave it to his mother who died from a stroke, her last words being “HATEGIFT”.


8. The Crying Boy

These were widespread in popularity due to being reported in The Sun, a British newspaper. It was a series of 65 different paintings of boys in tears, painted by Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin. No one knows why they were painted, but in the 1980s there were numerous reports of devastating house fires that claimed lives, in which only the painting of the boy survived.


9. The Hands Resist Him

Whether this painting is haunted or not is still unknown, but it’s definitely creepy. The painting was created by Bill Stoneham in 1972, showing a young boy standing near a window with a life-sized doll standing next to him. Behind him there’s a glass door where you can see hands that are reaching for the boy. Legends started to spring up shortly after the painting was completed, including how the boy and doll would move, disappear or even step out of the painting to stare at people while they slept.

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10. Robert the Doll

In 1896 a rich family in Florida was celebrating their son Robert’s birthday, he was turning 4, and one of the servants got him a gift, the gift being a large doll in a sailor suit. Unbeknownst to the family, the doll was cursed, but everything seemed fine and Robert named the doll after him. That’s when the messed up stuff started happening.

The doll was entirely blamed for anything that went missing or got smashed, and when a new house was purchased in 1976 by the family, the first person to find it fainted with fright because they claimed the doll had spoken to her and said that it was going to kill her.

The doll has now been donated to a Florida museum, where you have to ask before taking a picture, otherwise you’ll get saddled with the curse too.


11. Annabelle the Doll

The movie The Conjuring made this doll pretty popular, and yes, it is 100% real. The doll was a gift to a daughter which was going to college in 1970. Both the daughter and her roommate found the doll in different positions and rooms in their house, and even found pieces of paper that featured childish handwriting. A psychic claimed that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle, who died in a fire rendering her soul benevolent. A male friend disagreed, thought the doll was sinister and the next day he was found strangled and scratched, with only Annabelle being in the room.


Two failed exorcisms later, the doll was placed in the Warren paranormal investigators’ occult museum, where there’s a prominent warning not to open the glass it’s encased in.



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