What is your headache telling you ! Warning signs your headache is dangerous


If you are ignoring headache or if you think that painkillers are the cure for it, you are wrong. It can be more dangerous than you can imagine. Dr. Seymour Diamond, director of the Diamond Headache Clinic and director of the inpatient headache unit at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago says:

“A headache can be a symptom of a simple organic disorder, a serious or complicated disorder, or it can be individually characteristic, like a tension headache or a migraine.”

Therefore if you have a headache, you have to define what kind it is. There is no need to freak out, but it’s good to consult with your doctor because headaches can be an indicator of a number of health problems even diseases may include brain tumors, sleep apnea, and severe high blood pressure.

Only doctors can tell you what is the right diagnose but this chart will help you to easily visualise and identify where is the pain coming from.




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