Not All Healthy Foods Make A Healthy Breakfast!

Not All Healthy Foods Make A Healthy Breakfast!


We have all been there! Waking up late, quickly getting ready, and just grabbing the first snack for breakfast before storming out. And even though we all know breakfast is the most important meal, sometimes we just have to make do with a cup of coffee. Sure, a nice egg omelette sounds delicious, and it can set the tone for the day, but we just don’t have the time.


We all know that some foods are just bad for you in the morning. But why does a simple fruit upset the stomach so much?


It’s no surprise that after a long sleep, our stomachs are completely empty. Because of this, it can be very sensitive and can react negatively to some foods. And even though we all know to avoid sweet, sugary delights, some ‘healthy’ foods should also be avoided. The following foods can be a part of a good breakfast, but should never be consumed by themselves.

1. Citrus Fruits


Even though the saying “An orange a day keeps the doctor away” can be true, the orange shouldn’t be the first thing you eat. Citrus fruit can cause irritation to the esophagus, which is especially true if they are the first meal of the day.

2. Bananas


Although it may sound shocking, bananas are not really a great breakfast food. Bananas are very rich in magnesium, a substance which we all need daily. But it is the same magnesium, which if consumed in the morning, may potentially harm your heart when its concentration sharply increases in the bloodstream.

3. Yogurt


The great thing about yogurt is that it is a perfect addition to almost any meal. And it is with other meals that we can actually get all the benefits from it. On the other hand, the stomach acids can be too strong for the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt if you haven’t had anything else before.

4. Pastries


Although most of the time this is our go to breakfast, danishes and croissant can cause problems if you have them for breakfast. Many pastries contain a type of yeast which causes flatulence, by irritating the stomach. Also, they almost always contain processed sugar, which can cause harm to the liver.

5. Pears


Although pears are a delicious and healthy fruit, a single pear for breakfast will not sate your hunger. They also contain crude fibers, which can injure the stomach membrane if it is empty.

6. Cold Carbonated Drinks


Cold carbonated drinks should probably be avoided at all times. And even though they can be a good replacement for coffee, they slow down the food digestion, by damaging the mucous membrane of an empty stomach.

7. Tomatoes


In case you have stomach ulcers or acid reflux, you should definitely avoid tomatoes for breakfast. They contain tannic acid, which can worsen the ulcers, since it increases the acid levels in the stomach.

8. Cucumbers


Although vegetables usually make a good breakfast, raw vegetables can cause discomfort, heartburn and even pain on an empty stomach.

After seeing this list, you must be wondering what makes a good breakfast?


Well, a lot of foods are actually good for an empty stomach. In fact, you probably eat most of them for breakfast anyway.

1. Watermelon


Since watermelons are mostly made of fluids, the can be very hydrating in the morning. Their high levels of lycopene are also very healthy for your heart as well.

2. Cornmeal


While cornmeal helps remove toxins from the body and normalize the stomachs microflora, it is also a healthy way to fill up an empty stomach.

3. Eggs


High in protein and good at keeping you full, eggs make a wonderful breakfast. They also help keep your daily calories in check, and who doesn’t need that?

4. Buckwheat


Another great food to have for breakfast is buckwheat, which can be very good for digestion. It goes great in pancakes, breakfast bars and even smoothies.

5. Oatmeal


There is a reason why many of us choose a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. It isn’t just delicious, but it also helps lower cholesterol and protects the stomach by creating a coating that prevents acids from damaging it.

6. Wheat Germ


A great breakfast topping, wheat germ is also extremely healthy. High in vitamin E and folic acid, wheat germ goes very nice with fruit, yogurt and pancakes.

* This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances.
Source:Laura Caseley for LittleThings

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