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This Heart-Shaped Cushion Is Your Next DIY Love Project

This Heart-Shaped Cushion Is Your Next DIY Love Project

A good comfortable cushion can always save you from the tiring day you’ve had. You can use them both indoors and outdoors, and for all sorts of activities. Whether you are doing yoga or you like sitting on the ground, you can always be a friend with your new cushion. Research says that stress and aches can be relieved with sitting in a comfortable seated or reclined position using comfortable, wait for it – cushions!

diferent cushions

Hop in with us for your next DIY adventure and start making your favorite shape today!

Troom Troom has surprised us with yet another heart-inspired DIY that is so easy to fall in love with. If you are tired of seeing reds as Valentine’s day is approaching, come and make yourself comfortable. Here is a new idea on how you should style your new DIY.

heart shaped cushion

Where can you use this cushion?

You can make this denim-made DIY a part of your home decoration. You an make your home look like new and you wouldn’t even need to decorate a lot. With this cushion you get a love-inspired theme you can use in any room. You will also get a lovely yoga mat companion. You can use it during meditation or when doing other exercises, because it is very soft and the size is just right. If you decide, you can also use it as a personal gift for your loved one on Valentine’s day. They will be happy when they see how much effort you’ve put to create this love cushion that will always make them think of you.

You’ll need:

blue-marine denim

sky-blue poplin

a cushion pattern

fiber cushion filling

Taylor’s chalk

It might look like an elaborate project at first, but it’s actually super-easy to do.

heart shaped cushion 1

Here you can watch the video with instructions:

Source:Troom Troom

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