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15 Heartwarming Pictures Of Seniors Who Show Why We Need To Take Care Of Our Elders


It is never too late to start truly appreciating our elders. Seniors can bring incredible warmth and generosity in our lives if they are given the chance, but younger people should also never forget how much of a difference they can make in older people’s lives with a small gesture, a kind word or even just a smile.

As John Prine sang in his timeless ballad Hello In There, “Ya’ know that old trees just grow stronger / And old rivers grow wilder ev’ry day / Old people just grow lonesome / Waiting for someone to say, ‘Hello in there, hello’…”

So scroll through this heartwarming list and start today by smiling and greeting the seniors around you – trust us, your life will be much better for it!

1. Taking solar eclipse safety with the professionalism it requires



Source: Twitter | @AmeliaDansie

2. Nothing can stop seniors miss a bingo night with Jimmy McGill


Source: Twitter | @JoePlymale

3. Many dogs’ lives will be made more exciting and their jaws more exercised by this gentleman’s donation


Source: Twitter | @madddie818

4. A couple of seniors that leave no doubt whatsoever about who’s really wearing the pants



5. A couple who hasn’t stopped seeking thrills and are still full of adrenaline and love


Source: Twitter | @aubrey_lilly

6. A man who knows it’s the little things that count and that love should be shown every day, even after 40 years


Source: Twitter | @dankjerms

7. It’s so easy to imagine a drunken relative making the “I thought you two were sisters” joke


Source: Twitter | @Jenn123097

8. We are all granddad!


Source: Twitter | @BrittonCaleb93

9. One of the most genuine smiles ever


Source: Twitter | @JessAmante4

10. F*ck the system, grandpa!


Source: Reddit | stephenlloyd_dot_net

11. This grandma asked her grandchild to fix her phone because “the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.”


Source: Reddit | InbredPakiTerrorist

12. This husband knows there is no excuse to miss an anniversary


Source: Twitter | @reidrussell_

13. No grandma would ever let their grandson starve!


Source: Twitter | @Muh_leek1

14. A grandma who sure appreciates a Snapchat crown


Source: Twitter | @Mollie_dalton

15. The way grandparents shamelessly brag about minor life accomplishments, because if they don’t, who will?!


Source: Twitter | @lovukovits

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