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Heath Ledger’s Daughter, Matilda, Is Now 11 And Looks Just Like Her Father


Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda Rose Ledger, was born in New York City on the 28th of October 2005. Her mother, renowned actress Michelle Williams has understandably kept her out of the limelight, but over the past 11 years far from the public eye, Matilda has grown up to look just like her late, great father.

When Matilda’s parents met

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams fell in love while filming Brokeback Mountain during the summer of 2004. Both actors got their first Oscar nominations for their stunning performances in the film. While neither took home the gold, they did bring home an even greater treasure.

When Matilda's parents met.

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Michelle’s baby bump

In April of 2005, it was announced that Heath and Michelle were expecting their first child together.

Michelle's beautiful baby bump.

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Matilda’s birth

Matilda Rose was on October 28, 2005, and her godparents were Jake Gyllenhaal and Busy Philipps! Jake and Heath worked together on Brokeback Mountain and Busy has known Michelle since they starred in Dawson’s Creek together.

Matilda is born.

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The young family

Heath and Michelle taking a stroll with young Matilda.

The young family.

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Over the following couple of years, the family lived together in Brooklyn, New York.

Baby Matilda.

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Many have noticed the resemblance between baby Matilda and Ledger himself when he was a baby

Baby Heath.

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In 2007, Heath and Michelle broke up after being together for three years. By this point, Matilda and her father were starting to share an even greater resemblance.


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Heath and Matilda rocking some funky shades and a harmonica

Sharing a love for fashion.

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The name

Heath and Michelle chose the name Matilda together, with Heath saying, “It just seemed right… There’s something kind of ancient about the name. It’s got such a weight and beauty to it as well and, I don’t know, it just rolled off the tongue.”

What about her name?

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Heath added that the name pays homage to his heritage, with the folk song Waltzing Matilda which documents the horrors soldiers from Down Under and New Zealand experienced at the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I, considered Australia’s “unofficial national anthem”.

The story behind the name continues.

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Sharing another special moment

Sharing another special moment.

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Heath’s passing

Heath Ledger tragically passed away on the 22nd of January 2008.

Heath's passing.

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A posthumous Oscar winner

In 2009, Ledger won an Academy Award for his haunting portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. It was decided that Matilda would own her father’s award when she turns 18 in 2023.

Heath becomes a posthumous Oscar winner.

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Life goes on

Matilda was only two years old when her father died. It was said that after Ledger’s passing, Michelle did everything in her power to make sure her daughter maintained a happy, normal lifestyle.

Life goes on.

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Heath as a little boy

Heath as a little boy.

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Matilda as a little girl

Matilda as a little girl.

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All smiles with Mom

All smiles with Mom.

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Matilda at age seven

Matilda at age seven.

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Matilda at age nine

Matilda at age nine.

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The young Heath Ledger

Young Heath Ledger.

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Matilda at age 10

Matilda at age 10.

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Matilda at age 11

Matilda at age 11.

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Heath as a young man

Heath as a young man.

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Taking a stroll with Mom

 Walking with Mom.

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Matilda back in the spotlight

A new documentary called I Am Heath Ledger featuring his daughter, the rest of his family and numerous friends is due to come out on the 12th of October.

Matilda is back in the spotlight.

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With both of her parents and her godparents in the acting business, it remains to be seen whether Matilda is going to follow in the footsteps of those closest to her and become an actress.

She's growing up and we can't wait to see what she'll get up to.

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