Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Is A Mini Version Of Her Gorgeous Mother

Helene ‘Leni’ Samuel, the daughter of the German-America model and TV personality Heidi Klum, is all grown-up and entering her teenage phase. At 13, Leni is practically a mini version of her beautiful mother. On Thursday, December 21, Leni was spotted at Disneyland with her mother and fans couldn’t stop staring at their striking resemblance to each other. The two were walking side by side and enjoyed a day out in the Californian theme park, sipping out of their Starbucks cups casually.


The two battled the chilly weather with warm clothes


The 44-year-old model’s daughter wore a warm sweater with the Gucci name on it. Heidi, on the other hand, settled for a long boucle red coat, which, by the way, looked gorgeous on her.

The youngest sibling in the family was also there to keep the ladies company. Eight-year-old Lou wore a Santa hat with her name on it.


Heidi and Leni were also joined by Heidi’s producing partner Desiree Gruber and her husband Kyle MacLachlan


Although Heidi had just jetted home to Los Angeles the previous night, there were no signs of any jet lag and the happy mother looked all fresh!

While many models and celebrities usually only get a few years in the spotlight, it seems like Heidi somehow never gets out of it. The beauty is still popular today, fronting the TV show Project Runway and successfully moves from the small screen to the catwalk.

The mother-of-four divorced her husband Seal in 2014


Heidi has also used her fame to branch out into other areas. She has released her own clothing line called Esmara, teaming up with budget store Lidl.

Just around the holidays, Heidi has admitted that she absolutely loves dressing up for Christmas and having the ‘whole family’ together to celebrate.

“There’s something about dressing up, having the whole family together and celebrating under one roof that makes it super special. I love the holidays,” she said.


Here‘s another holiday the German-born beauty loves and how she celebrates it.

Source: Dailymail