With This Little Trick, You Can Make Your Travel Bag For Any Emergency

With This Little Trick, You Can Make Your Travel Bag For Any Emergency


Whether you are a new mom, or have been doing it for a while now, everyone needs little tips and tricks to get through the day. And its one very helpful trick that Liz, a mom to a newborn and a professional face painter, wants to share with everyone.

Dealing with those diaper emergencies is no walk in the park, as every mom knows. Well, thanks to Liz, it turns out all you may need is an extra large box of baby wipes, and you are set. She has the photos to prove it.

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Once Liz posted her idea online, it quickly went viral. It has already been shared more than 43,000 times on social media. It has also garnered thousands of comments and suggestions about the tutorial, and different ways to use the tactic.


The best thing part is, Liz goes through the process step-by-step. In the first picture, all you see is a closed box of jumbo-sized baby wipes, nothing special about it.

In the caption she wrote “I have to share this really cool diaper bag hack I accidentally discovered…I’m pretty sure I have a few moms following that could use this.”


Like any box, you have easy access to the wipes whenever you need them. The only thing out of place is the strange black cord wrapped around the lid. What’s up with that?


Well, Liz says it best. “Open her up and NOPE! The regular-sized wipes are held up there with a headband from the Dollar Tree. On top there, you see a disposable changing table cover.”

The wipes are not the only thing hiding in the box. First thing on top, a polka dot sheet for public changing tables. And underneath, much more!


Liz explains, “Take a peek under [the cover] and you have the diapers and clothes.”

Neatly arranged is a an extra outfit and 5 diapers ready for any mess.


She also adds:

“Unroll them and you have a onesie and a pair of pants! My little one is still in 0-3m, so this won’t work as well when she gets older, but I’m pretty sure it should work for diapers of most sizes for quite a while.”

This tactic is really great for newborns, and it can definitely work for older kids as well.


The whole box can serve as a diaper bag on its own, saving your back the trouble of hauling around everything. And the easy thing is, you can have multiple ones. Keep one in the car for when you are traveling, or for that emergency at the mall. You can never know when you might need it.


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