Here’s How To Knit A Giant, Cozy Blanket In Just Under 4 Hours


Knitting is so much fun. It is your own masterpiece, your work only. Even if it doesn’t turn out that great, you will still love it. But, let me ask you one question: When you are knitting, did you ever think, how can I make this more extreme?. The world of DIY’s always provides!

Yup, now knitters can relax by knitting with jumbo sized needles. The result is absolutely amazing.


Over sized items, like throws, scarfs and rugs in addition to blankets are so popular and comfortable these days . There are also other “tighter” versions of giant corded blankets, which actually utilize giant knitting needles made out of wood, but today we are going completely DIY to a size in which you have to make the needles yourself as well!

You can also make this a gift which is the best thing you can make anyone.


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