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Look How Much Sean Penn’s Kids Have Grown

Sean Penn
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The American actor, filmmaker, and political activist Sean Penn is so good that even if the movie is not that good he can rock it just by starring in it.

When he’s on the screen there is just no way you can look away. Watching him act is more like watching a masterpiece and that’s obviously why he won two Academy Awards in his career. I am not surprised really, he totally deserves them.

But besides from acting what do you know about him? Did you know that he is also very focused on being a family man? That’s right, he treasures his two kids more than anything in this world.

Both of them are following in his father’s steps by joining show business. Hopefully, we will get more talented copies of Sean Penn!

They have grown so much, take a look how Dylan and Hopper today!

How can we forget the romance between Sean Penn and Madonna?

Sean Penn

Source: Daily Mail

The longest relationship he has been in BUT his longest relationship was with Robin Wright.

Sean Penn2

Source: New York Post

The pair were married in 1996 and then went into an on-and-off relationship when they finally divorced in 2010.

Sean Penn3

Source: Evil Beet Gossip

Together they raised two cute children, Dylan and Hopper. Believe it or not, they are much older than in the picture below.

Sean Penn4

Source: Daily Mail

Dylan was born in 1991 and her brother two years later.

Sean Penn5

Source: Just Jared

Dylan never faced the awkward looking stage as a teenager, she has always been gorgeous.

Sean Penn6

Source: Got Celeb

Now, Dylan is a successful model and actor. Why not? It seems like she was born to do this.

Sean Penn7

Source: GQ

Until now, she has been in ads for Gap and also in famous fashion magazines like GQ, Elle and W.

Sean Penn8

Source: E! Online

Things went the same for Hopper too. He joined the rest of the family by becoming a model and actor.

Sean Penn9

Source: Pure People

He starred in a movie with Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem called The Last Face! Not bad Hopper, not bad!

Sean Penn10

Source: Redbook

They are definitely sibling goals, it’s clear that they have a very strong bond.

Sean Penn11

Source: New York Times

Now, who do you think Hopper and Dylan look like? Sean or Robin? Tell us what you think!

Sean Penn12

Source: E! Online

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