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An Ex Heroin Addict Shared A Photo Of Her After 1,000 Days Without Heroin


Did you know that there were approximately 20.6 million people in the US over the age of 12 with an addiction in 2011? According to statistics and AARP, heroin addiction among young adults between 18-25 has doubled in the past ten years. But, hopefully, there are cases that brighten up the mood. This amazing 25-year-old mom shared shocking images of what her 1000 days without heroin changed in her life.

Heroin addiction can also form changes not only in health but also in appearance. Getting clean from the addiction is a hard process, but this woman opened up to  social media about it and shared her bravery story.


Using the username DisregardThisOrDont, this woman shared her story on Reddit, posting photos before and after quitting heroin. She had previously uploaded a mugshot, but now she decided to pick a different photo.

One commenter said: “In the same boat as you. Heroin addict for 5 years…sober now..but trying to quit cigarettes. Yes indeed it is the hardest addiction to defeat. How did you do it if you don’t mind me asking?”

The post, titled “1000 days free of heroin”, shows a jaw-dropping difference in the woman. It has over 3,500 comments from those inspired by her story or going through a similar struggle.


In a further comment, she explains her recovery story in more detail. Her “1000 days” is actually more than that. She was in fact not counting the the drug-free days she spent unable to access any heroin. The 36 days she spent in rehab and jail are her “cheat days” as well.

She also sends a message to those who are still going through the withdrawal process or are still addicted:

“Please let us help you. We can’t help you until you ask. Getting help is fucking terrifying. But dying or living the rest of your life in jail is fucking terrifying too. We love you. The help you get won’t always be exactly as you imagine. But in the end we want you better. We love you. We want to help. Ask us for help.”


One user replied to this post:

“Nice! I get what you mean about celebrating from the day you chose to quit. The girl on the left looks so sad and lost, so glad she found her way!”

Then DisregardThisOrDont responded to the friendly comment:

“Thank you kind internet stranger-friend! I’m glad you understand! And rest assured, while she’s still carving her path, she’s certainly found her way! :)”

Later on, she added further details to her story, including how she had to deal with a drug-addicted loved one before she went through it herself. “I had to have a few hard slaps to the face to realize my happiness and my future was in my own hands,” she explained, “tough love is what it takes … Just don’t blame yourself for your loved ones disease”.


Among the thousands of comments, the top rated was from a recovering addict, who said: “Ayy! 1626 days here! It gets better. But sometimes it doesn’t. But it is a fuckton easier than being loaded.” In a later comment they add: “I hope you have a wonderful journey ahead of you as well. Life has became something beyond what my wildest dreams ever could have imagined in the past 1626 days.”

She got a lot of replies from ex-addicts who wished to share their stories, each with more time spent clean than the last:



It’s amazing that she had the courage to do this and also inspire others to do the same!


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