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A Hidden Beach You Can Only Reach By Diving

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The Playa del Amor, meaning Beach of Love in Spanish, also widely known as “The Hidden Cave” is a secluded spot below the surface of the Mexican Marieta Islands.

It can be reached solely by diving and swimming, but in this case holding your breath is actually what it’s all about.

This is not a Pinterest hoax! The Marieta Islands are a National Park off the coast of the Federal State of Nayarit

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During World War I these uninhabited islands were used as bomb testing sites by the Mexican government; places such as Playa del Amor are the result of those controlled bombings.

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To reach it, one needs to swim through an 80-foot long tunnel that links it to the Pacific Ocean – this is possible only when the tide is low

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You can also kayak there, which is the only activity besides swimming and sunbathing allowed in the National Park

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The area is renowned for its coral reefs and its incredibly diverse marine wildlife, which makes it a snorkeling paradise!

Watch the video to better experience the Beach of Love. Be careful, though, it might make you wanna book a ticket to Mexico, so you can’t say you weren’t warned!

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