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12 Hidden Messages You Never Noticed In Popular Logos

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Some brands have been around since before we were born, some we had along the way. And the most famous logos and household-name brands are perceived differently by different people. But what are their hidden messages?

For example, what does the McDonald’s logo actually mean? Or the Sony Vaio logo?

If you watch this video, you may have to prepare yourself to have your mind blown by some of the tricks used to make them. To some, they look like cool ways to spell the brand name out. To the creators, however, they’re a completely different story.

According to lifebuzz.com, In the 60’s, McDonald’s wanted to change the logo but their design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin insisted that they left the golden arches. According to BBC, he said customers will unconsciously recognize the logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.”

What other messages have you noticed in popular logos?

Source:Facts Verselifebuzz.com

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