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The Hidden Reason Why You Need To Keep Your Kids’ Baby Teeth


Baby teeth and all the drama around losing them and exchanging them for money from mythical creatures, amirite? I remember looking in the mirror when I lost my first baby tooth, comforting myself that half the kids in my class were already walking around like dentistry doesn’t exist in the world. The western world has found a solution in the Tooth Fairy. A little bit more to the east and there’s the custom of throwing the baby tooth on the roof for good luck.

But is it wiser to actually keep the teeth?

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A study in 2003 revealed that baby teeth are full of stem cells. These can act as protocells grown into multiple kind of cells if needed. They can be easily used in the future if the child needs replacement tissue for some reason. Therefore, saving them could also save your life in the future too!


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It all started with a little wiggle preparing us for the big change. Then, the absence of the tooth when it fell out. Next, we do remember the promise of a cash reward from the tooth fairy for sure! It was more than that.


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There is more to these white pearls. They can actually help you in the future.


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Therefore, stem cells from baby teeth can be preserved, and stored for years in case you need them.


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This involves growing any kind of tissue, including heart cells, brain cells, and repairing damaged tissue as well. Baby teeth can really do wonders!


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How to keep your baby’s teeth?

However, there is one important thing. You need to keep the teeth fresh! Stem cells can easily degrade and lose their potency over time. This means that if you keep them in a simple box, they may not help you in the future.


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Instead, you should use services such as Store-A-Tooth and properly preserve them. Teeth are placed in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault, and the cells will remain intact.


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The human body is amazing, isn’t it?


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