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8 Noughties Hairstyles That Were Cool Back Then But Are Hideous Now


While trends are temporary, style is forever. When it comes to beauty and fashion, a lot of people will just follow the trends. Some of the most notable trends in the past include:

-Choker necklaces

-Shrug sweaters

-Ties (as headbands and belts)

After a few years have gone by, you might look back and think “What was I thinking?!” But you know, as time goes on you generally develop your own personal taste.

A little over a decade ago we were rocking some styles that were cool back then, but they’re seen as horrendous now. Check these out.

1. Zig zag parts

It was a small change but it took quite a bit of time to make it look perfect. If you had a dye job, everyone could tell, because it really accentueted your roots.


2. Framing your face

You all know this one. Hair up in an updo but two strands on either side of the face left intentionally. It was designed to help flatter your facial structure but, really, it just made it look like you’ve been doing a lot of chores and you didn’t have time to put your hair up properly.


3. Layers

These can really add some dimension to your look, but it’s not the best idea to have it feathered out like this.

It was considered a good look in the noughties, but now it just makes you look like static is flowing through your hair.


4. Butterfly clips

Remember when these were all the rage? Hair clips are still pretty useful by today’s standards, but using an excessive amount like this kid is just pure overkill.


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