Agua Fria High School Has The Coolest Teacher In Their Midst

Agua Fria High School Has The Coolest Teacher In Their Midst


Agua Fria High School in Avondale, Arizona was surprised to find there is a teacher of great spiritual magnitude in their midst.
Joshua Murray has been teaching there for three years now and it’s the same school that he graduated from.
Teachers everywhere are seriously underrated social activists. They contribute to the minds and destinies of their students.
And it is not unheard of that a teacher should go the extra mile for their students.
Joshua did just that. Mr. Murray and one of his classes really clicked. They had a special bond. Those kids really must have gotten under his skin.
During the time he spent with this class, he noticed that some students couldn’t afford to go to college, the reasons being mostly financial.

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“None of my family has ever went to college, so I’d probably be another one who wouldn’t go to college,” a student named Gustavo Cervantes told FOX 10 Phoenix.
Joshua was unwilling to remain idle and accept the situation as it is. He decided to challenge his students. Upping the ante in this way would prove to the students that literally anything can be done once you’ve set your mind to it.
“If you guys can all get at least $5,000 in scholarships a piece, I will get your names tattooed on my body,” he told the students.

This daring bet encouraged and excited the students to find scholarships, with all of them coming in on target.

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That particular class had 28 students. That’s 28 names tattooed on his body. That’s 28 students whose dream to go to college became a reality.

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We’ve all seen these teachers in the movies. I feel obliged to mention Robin William’s character in the Dead Poets Society, a movie which truly left a mark on me. We seldom find such heroes that exist in real life.
Joshua Murray is truly a gentleman and a scholar. I guess what’s written in ink cannot be erased or undone.

One of the students, Sierra Espinoza said through tears, ‘He really changed my life’.

Watch the video here for the full story.


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