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These Are The Highest Paid Actors In The World

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Don’t envy them because they’re famous and beautiful, envy them because they’re rich! Below you’ll see 11 highest paid actors in 2017, just hold yourself together when you look the numbers.

1. Dwayne Johnson

The Rock has been working on various films for 2016-17, including there Wrestle Mania, Fast 8 and a Jumanji remake. He also signed a deal back in the 2016 for a deal with Under Armour for a signature line of performance workout clothing. On July 13 Forbes announced that The Rock is the highest paid actor in the world earning $64.5 million.


2. Jackie Chan

After the success of his many comedic films, Jackie Chan is making more money than ever in his life. His total net worth is $395 million which is a lot more than years ago. He has six projects scheduled for 2017 and he’s not showing signs of slowing down. He is a legend in the film industry and we should celebrate that he made millions of doing something he loves and cares a lot about. Jackie managed to earn $61 million.


3. Matt Damon

In 2016 he appeared on the Bourne franchise in the appropriately title role of Jason Bourne. Now in 2017, Damon will have roles in The Great Wall, Downsizing and Suburbicon. Before anyone knew him as Jason Bourne, he was a mathematician, a thief and a soldier. And way before that he was struggling screenwriter in college. But now he has much more. He is one of the most highest actors by earning $55 million only in 2016-17.


4. Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol made Cruise $12 million in 2011, Jack Reacher made him $7.5 million in 2012, Oblivion brought him $20 million in 2013, Edge of Tomorrow with $23 million in 2014 and Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation brought him in a whopping $25 million to sit on. In 2016 Cruise sold his Beverly Hills Mansion for only $490,000 and managed to earn $53 million from the film industry.


5. Johnny Depp

Johnny is still standing strong as one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors while commanding $20 million upfront per movie plus 20% of the backend. However, in 2016  he earned $48 million.


6. Ben Affleck

The 44-year-old built up his fortune by writing, acting and directing a slew of box office hits. Some of the projects that were most noteworthy are include “Good Will Hunting,” “Pearl Harbor,” “The Town,” “Argo,” “Gone Baby Gone” and “Gone Girl.” His latest directorial film, “Live by Night,” was a box office flop, leaving Warner Bros. with a $75 million loss, Variety reported. In 2016 he managed to earn $43 million.


7. Vin Diesel

From 2012-2013, he led all actors by earning $96 million. In 2014, he earned $25 million and he cashed $47 million in 2015. Last year Diesel earned $35 million and this year will mos likely see him receiving a nice payday as well.


8. Shah Rukh Khan

He is the King of Bollywood because of his acting skills but it’s believed that one more thing helped him with his fame – the right marketing. He is one of the highest paid actors in India and is known to be very good at his business. In 2016 he earned $33 million.


9. Robert Downey Jr.

The famous actor, singer, and producer has appeared on his first film when he was only five years old. Even though his father is a writer, actor and director, Downey is mostly known for his roles in films such as “Less Than Zero”, “Chaplin”, “Soapdish”, the “Iron Man” franchise, and “Tropic Thunder”. Robert most recently made headlines thanks to his massive success in the film The Avengers and as Tony “Iron Man” Stark and last year earned $33 million.


10. Akshay Kumar

The estimated net work of Akshay is $110 Million by making him one of the highest paid actors in India. His net worth includes remuneration from movies, brand endorsement fees and private investments. Last year he was paid with $31. 5 million.


11. Brad Pitt

He starred in some of the most high profile films over the last ten years and some of his roles include: Ocean’s Eleven (and its sequels), Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Inglorious Basterds, Fight Club and World War Z.  Brad Pitt has one of the highest salaries in Hollywood and earns between $10 million and $3o million per film. In 2016 Brad Pitt was paid $31.5 million.



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