Hijab Disney: Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Disney Princesses


Saraswati, a self proclaimed nyctophile (lover of darkness) is heating up the internet with her transformations into Disney characters. Under her alias, Queen of Luna on Instagram, she has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers for her gorgeous take on some popular characters.

Her Instagram account is packed with amazing pictures depicting Ariel, Cruella Devil and He-man, among the more famous. Even Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist gave her a shout out for her creativity.

You may not have noticed from the pics selected here but Sarawati incorporates her hijab into her transformations. The fabric enhances her different looks and preserves her personal choices. We love it!

Check her out on Instagram under Queen of Luna.

1 Princess Jasmine

#1 Princess Jasmine

2 Mulan


3 Cruella de Vil

#3 Cruella de Vil

4 Pocahontas

#4 Pocahontas

5 Jafar

#5 Jafar

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