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These Hilarious Dads Are Killing It On Their Own


There’s nothing tougher than being a dad and that’s a fact. It is like a balance between the effort in raising a good kid and mixing it with hilarious (sometimes awful) dad jokes. Below you can see these hilarious dads that are just killing it on their own.

1. Feeding them isn’t always very easy

This golden-voiced dad has found the perfect way to get through it.

Source: Charles Only

2. A top priority is weirding out your kids

And is there a better way than an observational dad joke?


Source: Twitter | @millie_kay

3. Sometimes a kid got to help him out

Even though it is so fun to watch him make friends, I bet that was the last friend they’d expect him to make.


Source: Twitter | @yuurrpp

4. No matter how long it might take, it’s good to let your kid’s creativity soar

You stick to a project if it’s worth doing.


Source: Twitter | @mrjoshflores

5. Being a dad, you have to get your priorities straight

SpongeBob is life and that’s like for the most of the people on the internet.


Source: Twitter | @BrendanSchaub

6. But they can’t get always everything right

This dad thought his daughter’s bath bomb was a toilet cleaner. Good job, pal!


Source: Tumblr

7. Single dads always slay

If you ever see the opportunity, you should definitely take it.


Source: Pleated-Jeans

8. You should master the art of the dad joke to truly be one

Punchlines always make the joke sweeter.


Source: Reddit | IncorrigibleStapler

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