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23 Hilarious Notes That Parents Left Their Kids

23 Hilarious Notes That Parents Left Their Kids

Sometimes, as a parent, you come to a situation where you have to leave before your children and you have to leave them a note to let them know that you’re out, or perhaps to remind them to do one of their chores or something else while you’re gone.

However, these notes that these parents left their kids go far beyond “Be back in 30 mins do the dishes please x”. They are just outright hilarious.

1. What order do these go in?

I wonder which order these notes go in?

2. Just wait until it goes moldy

That will be fun.

If you ever needed any more proof that there’s a difference between mom’s and dad’s style of parenting

3. Taking the phrase “note to self” to new, literal heights

Man, how many times have I used that joke before?

Hey, can I get a note like this for the kitchen at work?

4. Check your pockets every time, kids

This mom seems awfully chilled out – maybe her kid should check if all their ‘hemp’ is still there

5. I love you too, Mom

But I need my snacks!

No mom, it isn’t

6. Ice cold advice

Ice, ice baby!

7. This is how to handle the “kids are using too much internet” situation

Modern parenting isn’t about using the naughty step, it’s about changing the Wi-Fi password

8. Even provided a blanket!

How awfully generous, Mom.

This will be tough to explain when the neighbors call the cops

9. And another quite generous mom.

Did you notice anything strange about the priest’s sermon this week?

10. Whoever knocks on this door is just asking for trouble

Well here’s one door that’s begging to be knocked on

11. Birthday present?

Oh yeah, you get to shovel the sidewalk. That new phone can wait.

That’s quite some birthday present!

12. You ain’t gonna make those blunts anymore, kid

 To guarantee a shiver down the spine of your kid, try this trick…

13. Looks like someone has been busted

This parent hit her kid right in the ovaries with this one…

14. You can’t hide the truth from me, Mom

Some day, your mom will stop writing you notes like these…

15. Guess this mom knows what’s about to happen…

Supermarkets can be scary places

16. When you don’t trust the kids, you have to keep the threats coming

The smiley face at the end is an amazing detail.

Sometime parents just reach the end of their tether and you can’t push them any further

17. Today’s parents are making it more difficult to get the WiFi password

Parents are really embracing technology as a way of punishing their children

18. That fish has lived quite the life

That fish looks like it leads a pretty sad life

19. Alright Mom, I promise I won’t…

…yeah right.

Who are you kidding, mom?

20. Someone seems to have had a lot of fun in bed

You’ve got to love this mom’s honesty

21. If I lived a life like this I’d make sure my parents didn’t know!

Seems like Joshua leads a colorful life

22. This lady and the throat punch mom should be friends

You should really talk to the throat punch lady

23. I do NOT want any of that decor thanks very much

As parents, we sometimes have to deal with some embarrassing issues

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