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24 Hilarious Things That People Caught On Camera


There are those times when we’re lucky enough to capture the funniest moments on camera. You know, the kinds where we wish that our phone never ever breaks so we can keep it forever for giggles on tap! For those of you who are like that, just a friendly reminder that you can transfer them to your PC and you should probably do that right now.

But before you do, take a look at these truly amazing(ly funny) moments that were caught on camera by these people. They might have not been aware at the time, but they found a goldmine with these photos.

Lets take a look, shall we?

1. Latex socks!

A Helping Hand

2. A world of pain


3. That’s gonna take a while to take out

Who designed that wall, anyway?

I’m Stuck

4. Most girls aspire to have legs like this cat

Long Legs

5. It’s gonna take a while to get that gentleman out of there

Caught In A Trap

6. Stop acting like you’re a stunt driver

Cause you don’t seem to be one.

That’s Not A Parking Space

7. That’s the wrong way

Wrong Way!

8. How do you even do this?

How On Earth?

9. How did I get to this situation?

That’s what I imagine he was asking himself at this point.

Wrong Step

10. This is what you should get me for my 18th birthday

Happy Birthday

11. Whatever you say

 Do Not Remove

12. An underwater shopping mall?

Well, that’s what it’s going to become soon enough

Sharks Go Shopping

13. Dude, that’s not how it works

It’s not ramen.

Google It

14. He fell but he carried on

A Big Fall

15. Elongated forehead

 Well Done

16. And how do you know this?

A Land Mark

17. Taking things literally

Frozen Over

18. Help him!

I’m Stuck, Send Help

19. Generating publicity quite well there, Starbucks

That’s the actual reason why they misspell your name.

Marc’s Coffee

20. Time to go!

Run Boy, Run!

21. Styrofoam cat

Bubble Cat

22. That’s going to be fun

Ding Dong!

23. I wish I didn’t do this

I Regret

24. Don’t do drugs, kids

But don’t leave stuff around that also may resemble drugs of some form, because this will happen.

Don’t Do Drugs

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