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16 Hilarious Wedding Fails To Make You Laugh Or Perhaps Cringe


A wedding is arguably the most important day of anyone’s life. That you already know and I’ve talked about before, but I feel like we haven’t talked enough about when things go wrong. The bridesmaid tripped because her dress got caught up in something, that sort of stuff.

So, to rectify the point I just made, let’s take a look at this hilarious gallery of wedding fails, brought to us by Aunty Acid.

1. This best man is terrified by doves!

If you’re going to unleash doves, maybe make sure your best man isn’t terrified by them first!

2. A+ for effort, D- for execution

I say this a lot, but I have nothing else to say…

If I were her, I’d turn around and leave right then!

3. What in the heck are those two doing?

Always check the background before taking your wedding photos!

4. Was this cake meant to be a cat? Cause it certainly doesn’t look like one

No one seems to be disgusted by it either. Perhaps it looks different on the front.

I know what this gross cake looks like, but what was it meant to be?

5. This will 99.999% go wrong.

Somebody’s about to start married life with a broken nose!

6. Start them out early

He’s just getting a handful!

7. Wardrobe malfunction!

The bride seems oblivious though.

Erm, should we tell her?

8. Is there anything more romantic than raw chicken?

Nah, you’re wrong, of course there isn’t…

Is there anything more romantic than raw chicken?

9. Underway to 1000 Gamerscore!

I think his video game addiction has gone too far.

10. The priest is horrified

I’m guessing he just saw the groom and asked himself “How did this guy find a wife?”

If the priest looked at me like that I think I’d call off the wedding!

11. If I was invited to this wedding I’d leave immediately

I’ve heard of Dances with Wolves but this is ridiculous!

12. It would be funnier if Taylor Lautner here would interrupt the kiss

The cliché movie scene, you know, when the third wheel character interrupts the final kiss?

Did this alpaca officiate the wedding?.

13. Well, this marriage won’t last very long!

They’re starting married life off well

14. Look at the dolphins’ faces

They just know they’re going to ruin everything and be proud of it.

The dolphins are plotting something, I just know it!

15. That guy in the back is HAWT

I’d say that this is why you should always be careful with a beach wedding but they’re not even on a beach!

16. Frodo Baggins without the big hairy feet

Oh and his rather human looking friends, too.

Frodo Baggins and his hobbit friends gather for his stag party

What’s the weirdest wedding you’ve ever been to? Share your stories in the comments below!

Source: auntyacid

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