Hilary Duff Is All Grown Up, Look How Well She’s Doing Now…


The 29-year-old Texas actress and singer is a real example that the Disney curse does not exist. Hilary Duff showed us that she is not like other teen idols. She did not allow the pressure to be perfect, adorable, and endearing to overwhelm her.

Many of the cute and famous child actors starring in some of Disney’s favorite family shows, entertaining millions of viewers around the world, get into a lot of trouble when the cameras stops filming.

Britney Spears had a meltdown. Lindsay Lohan had trouble with the law. Miley Cyrus got in hot water for “twerking” with her sexually charged dance moves. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these celebrities were on the payroll of the happiest place on earth.

Although she was on the same Disney payroll, Hilary Duff proved that she knows how to make personal choices. Together with her older sister Hailey, they grew up taking ballet, singing, and acting classes from an early age in Houston, Texas.


Before making it big, the two sisters modeled and starred in a few commercials.

Hilary’s parents saw how dedicated she was to her craft from an early age, but they never pushed her into a life of show business.


Hilary got the role of Wendy in the direct-to-video movie Casper Meets Wendy in 1998.

She was home schooled from the time she was eight years old, so she could focus on her career.


Hilary had a big break after many TV appearances when she got the lead role in Disney’s Lizzie McGuire.

With the show’s success came music albums, dolls, T-shirts, and books based on her character.


The TV movie Cadet Kelly was Disney Channel’s highest rated program in 19 years.

Hilary was in a relationship with Aaron Carter, another teen star at the time. They dated on-and-off for about three years. The media paid a lot of attention as it turned into a love triangle between Hilary, Aaron, and Lindsay Lohan.



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