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Hilary Duff’s New ‘Thick’ Look Provoked Internet Craze


Oh, the good old days when we enjoyed watching Lizzie McGuire, and then its movie adaptation, too! Those were the days we envied the now 29-year-old princes-like Hilary Duff. She was the sweetest idol in our childhood, and we definitely remember her as the sweet innocent blonde actress. The American actress and singer started her career at a very early age, but no one expected her to end up being a “thick girl”. Oh, you haven’t heard about “thick”? It’s the cousin of curvy, meaning women with “meat” on their bones, opposite of their usual skinny look.


Being thick is trendy, but you wouldn’t expect it from someone like Hilary Duff. Remember 13-year-old Lizzy? The shy and clumsy teenager who dreamed of fitting in school in the TV show Lizzie McGuire is now a grown-up mother-of-one. Her life has changed a lot since Disney’s show Lizzie McGuire. She released a couple of solo albums and starred in various movies, including A Cinderella Story (2004), and Material Girls (2006).

But the internet was surely not ready for this one.


This paparazzi shot shocked those who grew up with the teen star. Once the photo hit Twitter, no one could get enough of her new look.


Aging is inevitable.


While Duff’s career is still going strong, many still think of Lizzie McGuire when they see the actress. Many fans of the show were quick to point out the huge change since she starred in the Disney teen sitcom was on air in the early 2000s.


Others started comparing her to other celebrities like the Kardashians. Other were mad at this comparison.


Why would you do that, why?


This one is for the fans of the Disney show. Poor Gordo, what would he think of his crush now?


And the Internet realized just how beautiful she still is.


We must point out that Hilary was not so skinny after all. One commenter said: “Hilary Duff has always been pretty curvy. I remember when she was a teen she used to get flak about her weight (as opposed to Linsdsay [sic] Lohan, who went in the opposite direction)”.

Either way, Duff is making a great point and that is that women should accept their bodies, even though they are called “thick”.

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