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Hilary Duff’s Transformation Throughout The Years


The 29-year-old American actress and singer was one of the idols of so many teens watching the famous Disney Channel comedy series Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004). You were probably one of these kids who grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, enjoying Hilary’s excellent performance. Apart from her career in the movie industry, Hilary began her music career as well. She has certainly grown up in the spotlight, and now she is all grown up. She is no longer the Disney girl we adored. Her evolution throughout the years is pretty impressive.

1. She was just 11 when she starred in her first movie, Casper Meets Wendy.

While the movie itself was not that good, Hilary’s voice sounds like the cutest little chipmunk ever and it’s a classic.


Source:Page Six

2. She also had small parts on shows like Chicago Hope and The Soul Collector before she really got her big break.


Source:Star Wiki

3. She had her most famous role in Lizzie McGuire

After that, Hilary was unstoppable, and those were her “the golden years”.


Source:Lizzie McGuire Reviewed

4. Hilary became an icon and role model for young girls everywhere.

Does anyone remember her clothing line Stuff By Duff? Girls loved it.


Source:mix 96

5. She also released a TON of music in these golden years.

Her second album Metamorphosis was a huge success.


Source: Abby Ruth | Pinterest

6. She also started losing a LOT of weight.

But there were moments when she was just “too skinny.”


Source:Lipstick Alley

7. At one point she was dealing with her parents’ divorce. But she was also dealing with a stalker who was threatening to kill himself just to get her attention, and her breakup with Joel Madden.

And she was just 18 years old.



8. She appeared on several episodes of Gossip Girl in 2009.

Some critics, however, thought she was too old to be portraying characters in a “teen drama”.



9. Hilary announced her pregnancy in 2011.

From this point going forward, her fashion has been spot on.


Source: We Share Pics

10. She raised her son Luca to be an adorable cutie.


Source:Baby Luca

She is indeed looking cool.



11. Her image over the years has only gotten better, and she’s stayed a pretty good role model for many girls.



12. Word is that we can expect some new music from her in the near future too.



13. Meanwhile, she is obviously a fun and loving mother.


Source:Celebrity Baby Scoop

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