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Hilarious Illustrations Perfectly Show What It’s Like Living With A Dog

These Hilarious Illustrations By A Talented Artist Perfectly Show What It's Like Living With A Dog

While dogs really are a man’s best friend, there are quite a few perks but also, shall we say, downsides to owning one? Yeah, not exactly downsides, but you’ll see how artist Gemma Gené perfectly demonstrates it in her artwork.

Gemma is a multi-talented artist, originating from Barcelona but currently based in New York. Aside from her other work, Gemma’s standout artistry are her comics that feature her pug Mochi that perfectly illustrate living with a dog.

“I missed my pug Mochi so much while I was at work that I started drawing about him on the subway on my way to and back from work.” Gemma stated regarding the idea for these adorable comics.

Gemma currently resides in New York with her boyfriend Peli and their pug Mochi that takes center stage in these comics. Take a look at some of the best stuff from her Instagram and let us know if you own a dog and if you can relate to any of them in the comments!

Oh, and if you want to see more pieces of her work, best take a look at her Instagram, @157ofgemma.

For now, enjoy!

1. The dog showed the thief the way


Source: 157ofgemma

2. Who else would be a good boy?


Source: 157ofgemma

3. Yeah, screw that

Chilling on the bench, ice cream in hand, that’s where it’s at!


Source: 157ofgemma

4. They’re so upset when the owner has to leave

Even if it is temporary.


Source: 157ofgemma

5. I don’t want a picture!


Source: 157ofgemma

6. It hurts when they do this, doesn’t it?


Source: 157ofgemma

7. You’re not getting as much love as I am!

Suck it!


Source: 157ofgemma

8. Lady and the what?


Source: 157ofgemma

9. Kiss everything dirty then kiss your owner


Source: 157ofgemma

10. Nope, can’t stay


Source: 157ofgemma

11. Must. Sleep. With. Human


Source: 157ofgemma

12. Boyfriend be like “Really?”


Source: 157ofgemma

13. The look of love


Source: 157ofgemma

14. Maybe they apply the same logic as cats

I won’t drink water from a bowl made for that, I’ll drink from the hose outside instead!


Source: 157ofgemma

15. Sometimes, they get on our nerves a little bit


Source: 157ofgemma

16. Dogs don’t like medication, as you probably know


Source: 157ofgemma

17. I am your mommy now


Source: 157ofgemma

18. Identity crisis


Source: 157ofgemma

19. Dogs produce some potentially poisonous farts


Source: 157ofgemma

20. Even where it counts


Source: 157ofgemma

Can you relate to any of these things as a dog owner? Let us know in the comments!


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