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Eleven Fabulous Outfits From ’90s TV Shows Loved By Hipsters Today


Hipsters did not appear in a gentrified NYC neighborhood five years ago, in fact, the term was first coined in the 1940s. It was used for people, also called hepcats, who listened to jazz, smoked pot and did drugs, had a relaxed attitude that included sarcastic humor, lived in self-imposed poverty, and didn’t care much about the sexual codes of the time.

Today’s hipsters are different, although similarities can be found. One of the aspects in which they are totally different from their predecessors is clothing – instead of pin-striped suits, the hepcats of today love recycling fashion trends from the 1990s, often with disastrous results. But it doesn’t have to be that way: one only needs to look for inspiration in their favorite television shows. Here are some examples!

1. Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek

This combination of clothes that were worn exclusively while painting walls has become extremely popular among the hipsters of today.

Source: Dawson’s Creek Wiki

2. Rachel Green in Friends

Rachel was rocking the simple spaghetti strap dress over a long-sleeve shirt at least two decades ago before it became a trend.

Source: IMDb | NBC

3. Rachel Green (II)

There is something about the way in which the casual overalls being paired with a blazer, making it a bit more upscale, but then finished off with a pair of plain white sneakers that would make this outfit an Instagram feed favorite today.

Source: Tumblr | sta-arlight

4. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

Carrie has been ahead of her time on many occasions during the legendary show’s run, including wearing a graphic mesh tee over a pastel purple full skirt.

Source: IMDb | Craig Blankenhorn | New Line Productions

5. Carrie Bradshaw (II)

Carrie could also rock the more colorful options, proving in this case that one can mix bold patterns and colors without overwhelming the eyes of onlookers.

Source: On Screen Fashion

6. Fran Fine in The Nanny

High-waisted stuff is seeing a huge resurgence and this crop top combo would be perfect for this summer, wouldn’t it?

Source: Instagram | @vinticated.vintage

7. Fran Fine (II)

If we put the fact that no nanny in history ever looked like this, Fran absolutely killed it with this white shearling coat, the turtleneck crop top and those white denim shorts!

Source: Instagram | @sebazonico

8. Hilary Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

A timeless classic for a night out, this flirty but reserved dress wouldn’t look out of place in any establishment today.

Source: A Jordan Lambert

9. Ashley Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Not many would have been betting on it, but the visual style that accompanied the grunge culture in the 90s is back and rocking again. It entailed casualness that was bordering on not giving a damn, similarly to the aesthetics of grunge music, as demonstrated by this flannel tied around the waist over denim and a simple t-shirt.

Source: Twitter | @hanxine

10. Cher from Clueless

Many of Cher’s outfits in Clueless should stay firmly in the ’90s, but some, such as this sheer top underneath a sweater, that could easily make it to a fashion blog in 2017.

Source: Rimedia

11. Monica Geller in Friends

Keeping it cool and casual, this basic cropped tee with high-waisted, patterned pants suits Monica’s character and sensibility really well, as it would many young women today.

Source: Tumblr | giannigrant
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