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Holly Willoughby Says She’s “Never Willy Wanged” On This Morning


The popular British TV host and model Holly Willoughby made her her viewers on “This morning” cry out of laughter because of a mistake she made. In an astonishing turn of events, the 35 year old cracked up over a rude gaff during the daytime talk show.

During a segment with Ben Shepard, who was filling in for Phil Schofield Holly said that she hadn’t “willy wanged”.

But she actually meant to say “welly wanged” which is another name for throwing wellies.


“Funnily enough, I’ve never willy wanged since then,” she said. Wow

Poor Holly. She burst out laughing and while she tried to regain her composure, some of the crew could be heard cracking up in the background.

Her viewers loved it and branded it “TV gold.”

One Tweeter user even revealed that she and her sister actually couldn’t hold the reaction.

Even Ben Shepard who is considered to be the hardest working man in British media was wiping away tears of laughter from his face.

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